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"Mommy, I got gum stuck in my hair!"

How many times have you heard that before?  As you can imagine we keep at least one jar of bottom and boo-boo balm in every room, every car and every handbag for unforeseen situations like this one.  I love trying it out for any situation that I see fit.  We...

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I love this product for elbows and heels, works wonders!! No more dryness and no worries about additives and fillers that aren't healthy to use! Thank you for this wonderful product!" - Marilyn H.

"This is an awesome product!! Sofi & Liv can be used for multiple things. I used it on a cold sore on my lip I had been trying to get rid of for weeks. One application and it was gone!! I also use it on my heals that get dry often in the summer and it works-thanks to this product I have diva heals for my cute summer sandals!!!" - Kelly R.

"I just want to say this cream is the best thing since sliced bread! I was working on my car and spilt transmission fluid on my pants leg. Well hours later I felt my leg burning. I tried water, soap, toothpaste and triple antibiotic ointment. None of this worked. Then I remembered I had a jar of Boo-Boo Balm. I put some on the affected area and within 5 min the burning was gone. Thanks Boo-Boo Balm." - Clifford S.

"I originally bought Sofi & Liv for my son's dry feet. It worked so well that now I use it on my own feet, knees, and hands at night! I also put it on my cuticles and even replaced my $95 eye cream with Sofi & Liv Natural Bottom & Boo-Boo Balm!! I love this stuff!!!!!!"- Margaret B

"After using numerous creams prescribed by my Dr. for Psorasis on my elbows that did not work, I started using Sofi & Liv and now my elbows are smooth and cleared up. I use the cream every morning and night and am so pleased with the results. Thanks!" - Jean J.

"The best product ever, not only for babies but for adults also, great for face after waxing and for dry hands... Thank you Sofi and Liv !" - Leticia A.

"We love to use our Sofi & Liv with our little guys teething rash on his chin and around his lips at night. It really helps clear up the rash by morning!" - Gina D.

"It has kept my fingers from cracking at the cuticlesd this winter. It is so painful and so far Sofi and Liv have kept it from happening... Thank you Sofi and Liv!" - LeeAnn B.

"I have used it for both my babies chapped longer chapped!" - Carly K.

"I absolutely love this product!! I use it for everything and it works wonders. Definitely a keeper! Very very satisfied.. Thanks!! I am a customer for life :)" Cara T.-